Seta Topouzian

  • City Councillor of Renaud

Seta Topouzian has been actively involved in Laval’s community for many decades. She has organized fund-raising events for fellow citizens affected by cancer, coordinated food initiatives for seniors, and participated in the tax clinic for Laval’s low-income residents. Ms. Topouzian has also worked with youth organizations and Laval’s Armenian community, holding key positions such as Accountant and Vice-President of the Armenian Relief Society of Laval.

She holds a degree in architecture and has extensive experience in customer relations, bringing a service-oriented, human approach to the city council.

As an intermediary between citizens and her employer in her professional life, Ms. Topouzian demonstrates exceptional empathy and thoroughness. Her commitment of over 25 years with the same employer is a clear demonstration of her dedication to her fellow citizens.

If the people of the Renaud electoral division choose to place their trust in her, she will continue her civic involvement on a wider scale. Throughout her life, she has been committed to helping those most in need, especially the young and the elderly.

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