Sandra El-Helou

  • City Councillor of Souvenir-Labelle
  • Associate Member of the City of Laval’s Executive Committee

Sandra El-Helou is a dynamic woman whose career path reflects her strong commitment to meticulous work and privileged relationships with citizens. Initially trained as a French teacher, she spent a long time accompanying children with learning disabilities.

During her 7 years of teaching, she gained a valuable understanding of the importance of putting people first to better meet their needs. Her professional career then led her to take on a variety of challenges where she was constantly in contact with the general public. She held positions as a boutique manager at Montreal International Airport, and then in the insurance industry as a coordinator and trainer.

Throughout her career, Ms. El-Helou has been actively involved in various associations, including as a secretary on the board of directors of the Union libanaise culturelle mondiale. She also helped Héma-Québec organize a blood drive to raise awareness among young people in Laval.

With her energy and dedication to her work, Ms. El-Helou now puts her dynamism at the service of her fellow citizens of the Souvenir-Labelle district. The values she has acquired throughout her career guide her actions and she shares them with her colleagues in the Mouvement lavallois. She is committed to pursuing and consolidating the development factors that make Laval such a great place to live.

As a member of the Mouvement lavallois – Équipe Stéphane Boyer, her mission is to contribute to strengthening Laval residents’ sense of pride in an administration of integrity and competence.

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