Nicholas Borne

  • City Councillor of Laval-les-Îles
  • Member of the City of Laval’s Executive Committee

Nicholas Borne moved to Laval-les-Îles with his wife in 2004, hoping to offer their three daughters an environment in which they could flourish.

As a city councillor, he devotes his time to the crucial issues that have a direct impact on the quality of life of our citizens. Among his responsibilities are access to quality housing, the promotion of safe and active mobility, the efficiency of public transit, and the improvement of sports infrastructures.

Nicholas obtained a university diploma in technology from Université Lyon 1 in France and completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration at Université Laval in 2000. Driven by a strong interest in public service, he undertook studies in public administration in 2010, culminating in a master’s degree in public administration from ENAP in 2017. His professional background, including teaching experience at the Nagano School Board in Japan and many years as a representative and consultant at Marquis Imprimeur, has instilled in him the importance of professionalism and bringing citizens and public decision-makers together regarding choices that impact our quality of life.

For Nicholas, decision-making processes must imperatively take into account environmental and social issues. In his district, which encompasses Laval-Ouest, Laval-sur-le-Lac and the western part of Sainte-Dorothée, including his home district of Jolibourg, he aspires to continue improving the waterfront, notably Laval’s beach, and aims to optimize public transit and sports infrastructure for young people.

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